This full day, two-part workshop will provide immediate educational benefits to you and provide actionable information which can be incorporated into current and future marketing efforts. Whether you have been in the industry 5 years or 25 years, this workshop is for you.

Digital 101 will explore the groundwork of planning, implementing, running, and evaluating online marketing programs. You will learn the online must-haves and know-hows in order to establish an ongoing online marketing/fundraising program, such as:

• Website Best Practices: What needs to be included on your website and keeping it fresh in order to attract visitors.
• Online Acquisition: How to build an email list in order to grow your constituent base.
• Email Campaigns: Strategy behind what to send, whom to send it to, and when to send it.
• Integration: How to build a production schedule to incorporate all channels.

Digital 201 goes beyond the basics and principles of the “what’s” and the “if’s.” These sessions will explore the details and metrics of ongoing successful online marketing/fundraising programs as well as new techniques and tactics to build strong and engaging constituent relationships. Learn in-depth knowledge of:

• Online Acquisition: Understanding methodologies behind acquiring new supporters online and guidelines for
• what to do with the supporters once their first action is made.
• Data Analytics: What performance metrics should you be analyzing, how to benchmark your campaign’s
• performance, and how to apply your analysis to ongoing programs.
• Copywriting for Nonprofits: From subject lines and pre-header text … to email body copy … to social media posts
• … learn how to pack the most power with the space you have.

Janel Clement, Director of Digital, PS Digital, Katy Jordan, Vice President of Integrated Marketing, CDR Fundraising Group, Miriam Brosseau, Director of Communication, See3 Communications, Kevin Moran, Principal, Integral, Bonnie Catena, Principal, Catena Connects, Katy Jordan, Vice President of Integrated Marketing, CDR Fundraising Group

George Dennehy, Musician

Meet George

George is capturing attention all over the web and the world for his unique talents. Because he was born without arms, he sings and plays music from his heart using his feet. George also has a powerful message to share. Because George has overcome so many challenges in his own life, he believes that every individual has a purpose and absolutely anything is possible. People are surprised by his life story, including his brush with death in a Romanian orphanage, and his adoption by his U.S. family at the age of one. George started his musical journey by learning to play the cello at the age of eight. He advanced in classical music until he was able to play cello with regional orchestras. With the cello as his launching pad he has taught himself guitar, electric bass and basic piano. Regardless of the setting, people in his audience are always inspired, deeply touched and often realize their own goals are very much within reach.

George gained worldwide attention in 2012 after he posted a video of himself covering the Goo Goo Dolls song “Iris” on the web. George’s story went global and he received media coverage from as nearby as his own hometown, and as far away as London and Sydney. Then an astonishing thing happened: The Goo Goo Dolls themselves saw the video and loved it. They invited George to share the stage with them and perform ‘Iris’ to an enthusiastic and excited crowd of 7,000 fans at Musikfest, an annual week-long event held in Bethlehem, PA.

Since then, his career has continued to take off. CBS News.Com named his video one of the “Best of 2012”. George has shared the stage with national acts like Jeremy Camp, Audio Adrenaline, Hillsong United, Jesus Culture, Colton Dixon, MercyMe, The Digital Age, Jamie Grace, The Goo Goo Dolls, For King and Country and many more. His testimony of a victorious, overcoming life has inspired thousands of people all over the world. He has also released a CD of original music titled "Have my Heart ". George and his wife Stephanie were married two years ago and now George is a father to a beautiful boy.

Today George travels the world full time sharing his story and his music. His testimony of a victorious, overcoming life energizes and inspires his audience and is an event that they will never forget.

Track: Build
Sorting Through the Chaos: 12 Surefire Acquisition Ideas in 60 Minutes

This session features a panel of experienced marketers who will provide 12 surefire ideas in 60 minutes to help sort through the chaos of your acquisition program. Focusing on offer, creative, audience, marketing channel and analysis — leave your sacred cows at home for this session as each panelist provides ideas to “sort through the chaos” of conventional acquisition thinking that your organization must consider!

Roger Hiyama
Vice President, Client Services, Wiland

Martina White
Director, Member Acquisition, The Nature Conservancy

Emily Courville
Vice President, Data & Analytics, O’Brien Garrett

Aimee Lorenz
Director, Digital Fundraising, Feeding America

Upgrading donors already in your file is the single easiest way to increase your annual revenue. But how exactly do you achieve that? Hint: you have to find them first. That’s where having a clear and complete picture of the health of your file becomes vital. But the work doesn’t stop there, designing meaningful experiences for donors is the critical next step. It’s crucial that you know the story of a donor’s experience from initial impression, through the process of engagement, to first gift, and eventually to sustaining support or a major gift. Mapping this story involves not only identifying the key interactions that led a donor to commit, but understanding the individual’s feelings, motivations, and questions at every touchpoint.

Hilary Noon
Senior Vice President Insight, Analytics and Experience, Pursuant

Cherian Koshy
Director of Development, Des Moines Performing Arts

Brad Neathery
Associate Director, Ministry Support, Ministry Support Lutheran Hour Ministries

With an endless amount of data to collect, and new ways to reach donors every day – the ability to target and deliver personalized messaging has never been this sophisticated. This session will explore three aspects of this opportunity: the evolution in data and what we know about donors; how to deliver individualized experiences to your audience, and when individualization matters; most importantly, how nonprofits are delivering better creative to inspire supporters and drive donations.

Christopher Maddocks
Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, March of Dimes

Dan Thain
Creative Director, Blue State Digital

Join a panel of many of the prominent telefundraising organizations supporting the nonprofit industry. They will discuss the changing technology & regulations and share the opportunities and challenges TM is facing. This broad panel of Telemarketing experts will provide us with their outlook for the coming years. Hear their recommendations on how to adjust strategy, implement new options, and ensure your program is on track.

Gigi Norcross,
Vice President, Telefund

Kim Postulart
Senior Director of Direct Marketing & Intermediate Giving, Alzheimer's Association

Jay Mount
President, MDS

Shannon Bagwell
Chief Operating Officer, The Heritage Company

Sara Nakano
Vice President, Client Services, Donor Services Group

Caroline Mendez
Vice President of Client Services, SD&A

Nate Drushell
SVP, Marketing, Infocision

Track: Build
Secrets to Making Monthly Giving Perform

Monthly giving has traditionally made up approximately 25% of non-profit’s annual direct response revenue—or at least that’s the goal. But even the strongest digital fundraising programs rarely manage to pull off a robust recurring giving strategy and donor experience. In this session, we’ll highlight monthly sustainer programs in many stages of development, drawing on experiences from Partners In Health’s “Paul’s Partners” community and the US Fund for UNICEF’s strong integrated program. We’ll discuss the four main tenets of a strong monthly giving program across channels: (1) recurring donor drives, (2) evergreen conversion tactics, (3) on-boarding and retention strategies, and (4) lapsed donor reactivation strategies. We’ll discuss the latest trends, the right audience targets, and the challenges — and solutions — we’ve faced in putting these programs together.

Orwin Evenson
Senior Digital Analyst, Blue State Digital

Helene Vallone-Raffaele
Vice President of Direct Response & Integrated Monthly Giving U.S. Fund for UNICEF

Laura Soucy
Senior Manager of Donor Communications, Partners In Health

Want for-profit strategies for growing non-profit business? Without a big price tag? Takeaway new approaches to deliver a real connection between you and your donors and those they help. Every non-profit has dissatisfied donors. How do you connect with them? One way is to help them connect to the people they’re helping. Another way is to help them see inside the work you’re doing – why they should be part of your great cause. It sounds simple, but it calls for a different way of looking at things. Telling your story without a collection plate is a great way to raise more money. Our panel will share real ideas that demonstrate how to open the floodgates of generosity. See how the time you spend just being you can turn into money in the bank.

Tamara Wolf
Account Director, Russ Reid

James Carroll
Director of Channels, World Vision Canada

Kelli Usher
VP, Account Management, Russ Reid

Wendy Pinero-DePencier
Senior Executive Director, Brand, World Vision

Lois Ephraim
Executive Creative Director, Russ Reid

Adrian Slagle
Vice President, Strategic Marketing & Supporter Experience, Operation Smile

Middle Donors are some of our most committed core. Find out what one organization did to remake and relaunch their middle donor program. Get details and specifics about what worked and what didn’t. From creative messages and package tests to segmentation and analysis to stewardship, this session will provide insight into the key decisions and pitfalls for growing your middle donor program.

Craig DePole
Partner/Sr. Vice President, Newport One

Mark Rovner
Founding Principal, Sea Change Strategies

Anna Brey
Golden Circle Society Manager, Best Friends Animal Society

By testing using a rigorous scientific methodology employed by Fortune 100 companies, we've debunked traditional fundraising best practices and uncovered breakthrough principles that produce transformational results. In this rapid-fire session, we will look at dozens of real-world online experiments and share the secrets to growing your email file and improving your donation response rates. And we’ll demonstrate how you can apply these principles today to your own online fundraising campaigns.

Tim  Kachuriak
Chief Innovation & Optimization Officer, NextAfter

Nathaniel Ward
Counselor for Fundraising Strategy & Innovation, The Heritage Foundation

More information coming soon

Join the most powerful and influential professionals in fundraising to announce this year’s DMA Nonprofit Federation’s Organization of the Year. This prestigious award recognizes outstanding achievements of this year’s winner. We salute the National Parks Conservation Association (NCPA) as our latest award winner. Since its founding in 1919, the NCPA has been the independent, nonpartisan voice working to strengthen and protect America’s favorite places. With more than 1.3 million members and supporters, NPCA is the voice of America’s national parks, working to protect and preserve our nation’s most iconic and inspirational places for present and future generations. NPCA celebrates the parks — and works tirelessly to defend them — whether on the ground, in the courtroom or on Capitol Hill.

Sponsored By: Epsilon

Track: Build
Not All Gifts Are Created Equal

Not All Gifts are Created Equal! Donors tend to give in monetary amount that they are asked. What if they could give more? What if they would give more? In this session, we will discuss modeling techniques to help you identify prospects that have the propensity to give more to your organization based on gifts to other nonprofits, overall spend, net worth and income.

Heather Schichtel
Account Director, Epsilon

Courtney Quinn
Director- Mass Market Fundraising, Save the Children

Jennifer Honadel
Managing Account Director, NFP, Data Solutions, Epsilon

During this session, we will describe the best practices for recruiting, recapturing, and retaining monthly sustainers. This includes discussing: how to convert online activists and other non-donors to monthly giving, data selects and timing, goals and actuals, managing expectations, messaging, what comes next/welcome series, and tips/ pitfalls.

Emily Smith
Account Executive, Telefund, Inc

Vicky Barrett-Putnam
Senior Director, Donor Development & Acquisition Strategies, Sierra Club

Do you feel like your digital program is hanging out in the slow lane? Are you seeing flat or declining performance from your email campaigns despite your continued focus on careful segmentation and cadence?  Come hear how to address the root causes and supercharge programs both strategically and technically.

Mary Getz
VP, Digital, ABD Direct

Kate Blocher
Online Communications Director, Humane Society Legislative Fund

Jeff Ostiguy
VP, Digital, THD

Pamela Fertel-Weinstein
Director, Communications, Birthright Israel Foundation

How strong is your brand? What is your organization’s unique value proposition? We'll discuss framework to assess strength of your brand and how to apply expert techniques from the non-profit and business sectors to build your brand on any size budget.


Stephanie Rath
Director of Marketing, Feeding America

Track: Build
Crystal Ball: Whether Yours is Red or Blue, We Have Something for You

Peer into the crystal ball with us and look at how our appeal and acquisition efforts have changed along with the new tone in Washington. This session will explore the short and long-term effects the new clashes in our nation’s capital have on fundraising -- whether red or blue! We’ll also observe what role Civic Elders, Boomers and Millennials play in this political fundraising climate and whether they should be treated like activists, donors or a combination of both. Join us for a snapshot of the present and a gaze into the future!

Tiffany Neill
Partner, Lautman Maska Neill & Company

John Mini
CEO, John Mini Consulting, Inc

Jenn Mercer
Co-Founder & President, Thrive Marketing Group

Jack Doyle
President, Amergent

This session focuses on mid-level benchmarking from both an analytic and creative perspective. Bring your retention stats and key performance indicators to this session and compare to mid-level benchmarks from major programs and overall giving trends. We’ll share the best practices for stewarding, cultivating and soliciting mid-level donors so you can take your mid-level metrics to the next level. In addition, we’ll look at the mid-level donor research that NextAfter conducted at the start of 2016. They made donations between $1000 and $5000 to 37 different organizations, monitoring the communication they received. In this session, we’ll examine the key observations and takeaways from this mid-level donor research.

Chad Lucier
Vice President, Account Services, THD

John Perell
Director of Direct Response and Shared Services, Smithsonian Institution

Vicky Barrett-Putnam
Senior Director, Donor Development & Acquisition Strategies, The Sierra Club

Tim Kachuriak
Chief Innovation & Optimization Officer, NextAfter

Fast paced Q & A session that dives right into what’s new in digital and what a digital agency can do for your organizations:
• How can you get your organizations digital footprint to stand out
• How can digital help you attract younger donors, sustainers and high value donors
• How to measure your progress and set new goals
• Understand different digital fundraising tools (DIY Fundraising, Display Ads, Text, Paid Social) and how that can fit into your digital arsenal.
• And whatever else you want to learn as this will be open forum for attendees to ask questions of the panel members, nothing is off limits!

Jeff Cosgrove
Director of Politics & Advocacy, Conversant

Maureen McNally
Associate Vice President, Anne Lewis Strategies

Kevin Moran
Co-Founder & Principal, Integral

Jade Nguyen
Digital Strategist, Lukens Company

Jeff Cosgrove
Director of Politics & Advocacy, Conversant

Jennifer Honadel
Managing Account Director, NFP, Data Solutions, Epsilon

Julie Ziff Sint
Director of Digital Strategy, Sanky

In today’s politically and ideologically fueled environment, passion, action and cause-driven behavior are at an all-time high. From the inauguration, to the constant flood of news surrounding the Trump administration, to local, national and international events, to the media itself – all of these elements and moments in time will continue to have an impact on the way people are motivated to give. For nonprofits, it’s never been more critical to have solid data and marketing management systems in place to provide the proactive engine needed to respond to these rapidly shifting charitable interests and donor/constituent behavior. See how organizations are leveraging good authentic storytelling across channels, and how high value and monthly program strategies are being optimized. And understand how 'rage donations' have altered the way people are giving. Learn how to put donor emotions into actions to increase dollars delivered to the bottom line.

Erica O'Brien
Senior Vice President, MINDset direct

Bethany Maki
Vice President, Nonprofit Strategy, PMX Agency

Andrew Magnuson
National Director of Digital Fundraising, American Heart Association

6:45AM - 7:30AM
Morning Yoga

Who: All levels
What: Yoga to help relax and deeply rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.
Headed up by: Jade Nguyen, The Lukens Company
Bring: Good attitude and comfortable clothing to stretch-out! (If you travel with a yoga mat, please bring it)

Join your colleagues in the Grand Ballroom for a quick bite before sessions begin.

Sponsored by: Merkle

Come to this short session and kick-start a great conference!

• Meet other first-time attendees so that you’ll have some friendly faces throughout your session
• Review the educational tracks to help focus your session selections
• Gain some quick and easy group event networking skills
• Hear from industry veterans on what has worked for them to add skills and build a resourceful network
• Build a 5-Step conference ‘to do’ list

We look forward to seeing you at this 30-minute session!

Join the most powerful and influential professionals in fundraising to announce this year’s DMA Nonprofit Federation’s Organization of the Year. This prestigious award recognizes outstanding achievements of this year’s winner.

Sponsored By: Epsilon

Take a Power Break and get refreshments while networking with your peers. Review the tabletop exhibits and see how these vendors can help your organization grow.

Located just a few blocks from our hotel, this underground speakeasy takes you back to the prohibition era of 1920s, giving you the true Chicago experience! Meet new colleagues, mix and mingle with the top fundraisers and marketers as well as reconnect with peers at one of the best networking events in the nonprofit community. All attendees who registered for the Networking Reception will receive a special stamp on their name badge, which MUST be worn to gain admittance. Space is limited!

Track: Build
All About Face-to-Face 

Face-2-Face Fundraising (F2F or canvassing) is continuing to be implemented by a growing number of nonprofit organizations in the U.S. In this session, we will build upon previous sessions by providing a recap acquisition strategies, lessons learned, and campaign metrics. Save the Children and their analytics partner, Integral, will share the insights gained during the first 3 years of the program launch and how adjusting various strategies helped improve the ROI of the program. Presenters will also share how the program is managed day to day vs from a long-term planning and investment perspective. This session is for organizations who currently have a F2F program, those currently debating a test, and those who have always wondered if they could afford it and want to learn more for the future. Presenters will share case studies on F2F Acquisition, donor retention and communications, and how F2F-acquired donors fit into their organizations multi-channel strategy. We are also reaching out to a F2F vendor and/or a second nonprofit to add to the panel.

Jill Miller
Associate Director, Sustainer Giving - Canvassing, Save the Children

Kelly England
Director of Strategic Planning, Integral

Charlotte Davidoff
Associate Director, Retention Sustainer Giving, Save the Children

Making a planned gift is the ultimate expression of a lifelong commitment to an organization. Data driven prospect research and identification are the keys to building a successful planned giving program. What are the data indicators – self-reported, overlayed, and inferred – that makes a constituent a quality planned giving prospect? We have come a long way since the old FLAG acronym (frequency, longevity, age and gender) in finding the right planned giving prospects. In this session, our panel will share tips and techniques to unpack the data, big and small, internal and external, modeled and discrete, to find the most responsive audience for your organization’s various planned giving cultivation efforts.

Jason Robbins
VP of Sales and Marketing, ROI Solutions

JB Rauch
VP Strategic Alliances and Channels, WealthEngine

Steve Maughan
VP of Planned Giving, HSUS

Cheryl Smoot
AVP of Principal Gifts, American Lung Association

To succeed in marketing to different generations we must understand how their motivations correlate with the underlying values of their generations. Knowing that, we can customize our messages to them. Just as important is delivering that message through the medium appropriate to the generation. The Matures bought girdles at brick and mortar stores while millennials buy body shapers online. We are at a critical point for Boomer donors and need to engage younger donors in new ways. Hear from organizations that are successfully bringing on younger donors while maintaining their relationships with the older generations. Learn how their giving behaviors differ. Younger donors support causes over organizations – how can we build brand loyalty with those fickle folks?

Carol Rhine
Principal Fundraising Analyst, Target Analytics, a Blackbaud Company

Aaron LaMonica-Weier
Manager Digital Engagement, Feeding America

SPCA International will share how we use email marketing to acquire new supporters, build relationships and increase small donor revenue – with 100% ROI in the same fiscal year. Through this case study, learn to: acquire new names using issue petitions; demonstrate results & engage new subscribers; make your ask meaningful & urgent; and thank everyone to show results and build community. Then put your new friends on the one-click donation fast track by using a new cutting edge tech that has been entirely unavailable to Salesforce nonprofits until now.

1. Acquire new names using issue petitions SPCAI has built a 450,000 mission-based email list in 3 years with proven ROI within the same fiscal year.

2. Demonstrate results & engage new subscribers SPCAI has seen 70% ROI within 6 months with new email acquisition through innovative onboarding and appeal campaigns.

3. Make your ask meaningful & urgent SPCAI achieves higher than average open rates (17% vs. 12% for animal welfare orgs) and click through rates (1.5% vs. 0.7% for animal welfare orgs).

4. Thank everyone to show results and build community SPCAI has seen online revenue growth greater than 25% YOY in 2015 and 2016 - raising over $1,000,000 online annually through small gifts.

5. Then put your new friends on the one-click donation fast track In July SPCAI will launch a cutting edge one-click out of email donation tool using Stripe & Donations360 for Salesforce. This cutting edge tech has been entirely unavailable to Salesforce nonprofits until now.

Stephanie Scott
Director of Marketing & Communications, SPCA International

Chris Federspiel
Co-Founder & COO,, Inc.

Track: Build
Was It a Winner or a Loser?  Why Testing is Critical.

The shelf life of a control package in your direct mail program is getting shorter and shorter. Without testing package creative, data optimization, gift arrays and prospect list segmentation, you could be hindering the growth of your file. We will discuss several innovative and strategic tests and uncover which ones were winners and which ones were losers. And you can definitely learn from both. Don't miss this chance to come away with some award-winning and program-enhancing tests.

Susan McMullen
Account Director, Infogroup

Mike Vcelik
Senior Director, Annual Giving, Boys Town

Linda Sode
Senior Vice President, Infogroup

Across the globe, companies are adopting remote work solutions to attract the best talent in their field. This session will help you identify the issues that are encountered when hiring and managing remote staff and provide you with practical tips, resources, and tools to create an effective and efficient virtual organization that ends up not feeling like a virtual organization.

Heather Martin
Chief Operating Officer, InterfaithFamily

Kathy Gallagher
Director, Partnerships, Target Analytics, a Blackbaud Company

Donors give because of who they are - identity - and who you are - commitment. Yet we too often segment and customize based on only when someone last gave and how much. In this session, you'll see how organizations are using donor identity and commitment to segment and customize their communications and see how one organization is using these data to get more from their donors.

Kevin Schulman
Founder, DonorVoice

Lauren Merril
Manager of New Market Channels, Catholic Relief Services

Given the $2-max keyword bid rule, it’s hardly surprising that most nonprofits miss out on vital impressions and clicks that could make or break a campaign. Learn how to capitalize on those free impressions and clicks and put a paid search account to work in order to maximize your results and boost your impression share – all while also maintaining overall efficiencies.

Adam McCargo
Account Director, BKV

Michelle Mueller
Online Fundraising Specialist, Wounded Warrior Project

Kimberly Honore
VP, Media Director, SEM, BKV

Status Update: Charitable Tax Deductibility

Congressman Peter Roskam of Illinois

Congressman Peter J. Roskam (Republican, Illinois) is currently in his sixth term in Congress. He serves on a critically important committee in Congress impacting the Nonprofit Community – the tax-writing House Ways & Means Committee. As a senior member of that committee, he serves as the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Tax Policy and will play a leading role as Congress begins its deliberations on comprehensive tax reform legislation.

In fact, at DMA’s recent Nonprofit Capitol Hill Day in Washington DC, members of DMA’s Nonprofit Federation met with the Congressman’s legislative staff to discuss the potential ramifications of comprehensive tax reform legislation on charitable tax deductibility/impact on charitable giving.

Congressman Roskam also serves on the Health Subcommittee of the Ways & Means Committee – Needless to say, an important Subcommittee assignment given the recent focus on healthcare legislation.

A great story – smartly leveraged data – a willing culture - new strategic thinking … they can all make a huge difference in your fundraising program. But what if yesterday’s rules of success don’t apply anymore? In this fast-paced session, we’ll share some new real-world ideas (and a bunch of new learnings) that dispel some of fundraising’s longest-held myths – and provide new ways you can maximize your fundraising success.

Tom Gaffny
Principal, Tom Gaffny Consulting

Angel Aloma
Executive Director, Food for the Poor

Track: Build
Fundraising Power: Giving Days & Rapid Response

You may have seen your online fundraising spike on December 31st or Giving Tuesday. But are there other times to capitalize on a 24-hour window to create a spike in giving or engagement? We will discuss punctuated fundraising and advocacy campaigns, as well as rapid-response to connect fundraising to the news cycle. Using real-life examples, the session will showcase how these strategies have worked for nonprofits across missions and verticals. The conversation will focus on a variety of channels and communications mechanisms, as well as planning timelines and the rapid response process.

Julie Ziff Sint
Director of Account Services, Sanky Communications

Adrian Frandle
Account Executive, Sanky Communications

Malcolm Murray
Director of Marketing & Communications, Citymeals on Wheels

There has been a lot of talk about “Donor Journeys” and “Journey Mapping,” but has your program been built to benefit the donor experience or built to make it easy on the staff, and on your budget? Learn the best ways to guide your donors through the experience, starting with their first gift forward, and foster engagement with your organization for years to come. Hear examples of how attention to everyday donor engagement data, both online and offline, combined with fluid targeted channel segmentation can increase your organization’s revenue.

Suzanne Nowers
CEO, Nexus Direct

Becca Melesky
Director of Development, K9s For Warriors

Nonprofit organizations strive to provide donors key information on how their donations help to support their organizations. But fundraising is under scrutiny due to concerns raised about how to measure and report on impact, whether through an IRS Form 990, a report issued by Charity Navigator, a Guidestar listing or other key measurements. Meanwhile, the media and regulators are reviewing performance to ensure donors know how much of their fundraising dollar actually goes towards programming. What is a charity to do? Learn the latest regarding accountability & the impact measurements important in fundraising. Join Guidestar, Charity Navigator and leading charities as they discuss current efforts and what the future holds for proper impact measurement and donor transparency.

Senny Boone
DMANF Executive Director & General Counsel, DMA

Shannon McCracken
Charity Navigator

Lane Brooks
Food & Water Watch

Kevin Gaschler
Ducks Unlimited

Jason Lynch
Executive Director, Charity Defense Council

Visiting Nurse Service of New York was an organization with a solid direct response program. But it had the potential to be awesome. In this session, participants will learn how this organization pushed their successful program to be even better using analytics, testing and donor-centricity.

Theodore Traver
Manager of Direct Response, VNSNY

Amy Sukol
Executive Vice President, Lautman Maska Neill & Company

Track: Build
Mission + Fundraising: Where Search Lives in the Donor Journey

With donor behavior becoming more complex, it’s become increasingly important for nonprofits to understand the interplay of marketing channels, and how they ultimately guide donors down the path to giving. In the commercial world, search marketing plays a crucial role in both broader brand awareness and conversions, from the perspective of the customer journey. Nonprofits can also leverage search to power their mission at the top of the “funnel” and influence donations at the bottom end of the funnel. In this session, we’re going to break down the role of search in the donor journey, and how both nonprofit brand (mission) and performance (fundraising) teams can sit together at the table to develop strategies and invest efficiently to influence donors in all the right moments.

Bethany Maki
Vice President, Nonprofit Strategy, PMX Agency

Elyse Wallnutt
Associate Director of Digital Acquisition, The Nature Conservancy

Amy Barnes Anderson
Director, Paid Digital Media, PMX Agency

In this session, we’ve asked experts to weigh in on database conversion…a process that, like renovating a house, can cost more time, money, and heartache than you anticipate—if not planned correctly. We’ll take you through the nuts and bolts of database conversion, including how to decide when it’s time to convert to a new system, the key areas to consider when vetting new vendors, pitfalls to avoid, and how to make the process run as smoothly as possible.

TJ Hillinger
Vice President & Director of Analytical Services, Avalon Consulting Group

John Perell
Direct Response and Shared Services, Smithsonian Institution

Steve Alexander
Principal, Alexander Strategies

Gina VanderLoop
Founder and CEO, ROI Solutions

End the disconnect between your mission and your mail! How to use mission-based and content-rich packages that will bond donors to your organization and increase lifetime value. Many organizations experience a divide between the work they are doing every day and what motivates donors to respond. This can lead not only to frustration internally, but also to poor donor retention. We will discuss how to end that disconnect and, better yet, use your mission and work to your advantage to inspire stronger, more loyal donors—using both mail and digital content to deepen engagement. We will share tips on how to overcome common challenges as well as share test results and donor life time analyses that help illustrate the benefit of reconnecting your mission to your messaging. We’ll also provide real world examples that have worked for a variety of organizations including People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and Women for Women International.

Leigh Corrigan-Owens
Account Executive, Mal Warwick Donordigital

Collin Ward
Director of Marketing, Women for Women International

Deedra Aro
Asst. Dir. Of Major Donor Operations and Strategies, PETA Foundation

Where is this relationship going? Finding the right time and ask to turn your action takers into DONORS. You know they are into you but they haven’t taken the key step. Learn how to collect, target, cultivate and turn your activists and action-takers into donors through multiple channels.  Sit back and watch your donor file take off!

Kate Sienicki Mucci
Telemarketing Director and Senior Account Executive, Mal Warwick Donordigital

Katja Greeson
Director of Marketing, Democratic National Committee

Tiffany Reed
Account Director, Mal Warwick Donordigital

Kate Hollandsworth
Senior Strategist, ABD Direct

Alia McKee
Principal, Sea Change Strategies

Sam Parry
Director of Membership, Environmental Defense Fund

5:35AM - 6:30AM
Fun Run

Who: Anyone looking to run around town. All levels welcome.
What: An early morning run around downtown Chicago and look at beautiful architecture!
Headed up by: Polly Papsadore, PMG Direct
Bring: Running shoes, workout clothes and a good attitude.

This is a rain or shine event. Dress for the weather. Have fun and get in a good run!

A great story – smartly leveraged data – a willing culture - new strategic thinking … they can all make a huge difference in your fundraising program. But what if yesterday’s rules of success don’t apply anymore? In this fast-paced session, we’ll share some new real-world ideas (and a bunch of new learnings) that dispel some of fundraising’s longest-held myths – and provide new ways you can maximize your fundraising success.

*Please note the program is subject to change.