Day One

August 28

6:30 AM – 7:30 AM

Morning Exercise (Activity)*

7:30 AM – 4:30 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Continental Breakfast

8:15 AM – 8:45 AM

First Time Attendee Welcoming Session

9:00 AM – 10:15 AM

Opening Keynote Panel

10:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Concurrent Sessions

Planned Giving Panel

Description coming soon!

Big Results from Small Shops

Have you ever gone to a conference and heard about an amazing fundraising success story that inspires you – only to realize it’s only possible for groups who have a much bigger program than yours? The truth is, with creativity and ingenuity, there are lots of great ideas that can be scaled down for smaller nonprofits. In this session, you will hear how the Visiting Nurse Service of New York and DOROT have been able to make the most of their program. They’ve added innovative fundraising strategies and smart stewardship – in all channels – to raise even more money for people in need. We’ll also cover a variety of examples from a host of other small nonprofits: proven direct response ideas that have delivered results. Organizations of all sizes looking for ways to improve their programs will walk away from this presentation with ideas to put to work with their own efforts! Amy Sukol of Lautman Maska Neill & Company will moderate, and will share examples from many Lautman clients.

Amy Sukol
Executive Vice President, Lautman Maska Neill & Company

Theodore Traver
Manager of Direct Response Development Department, Visiting Nurse Service of New York

Audrey Stein
Associate Executive Director & Chief Development Officer, DOROT, Inc

Help! I Have Thousands of Monthly Donors. Now What?

We often hear tips on how and why to start monthly giving programs – online form options, creating a brand, reaching out to loyal donors, showing the value of their gift, etc. But what about the challenges of managing the program when you reach more than 1,000 sustainers? Or 10,000? Or 100,000? In this original presentation, Michelle Vargas of Wounded Warrior Project will be joined by Philip Schmitz, CEO of CharityEngine, to discuss the complexities of running a large sustainer program including managing DRTV and Face-to-Face acquisition. We will highlight the processes, technology and cultural perspectives you need to consider to maximize revenue, limit interruptions to income, and most important, deliver service to donors.

Leigh Kessler
Vice President, Communications, CharityEngine

Michelle Vargas
Direct Response Director, Wounded Warrior Project

Philip Schmitz
Chief Executive Officer and Founder, CharityEngine

How Zappos Transformed Customer Service at the ASPCA

Cultivating personal relationships with hundreds of thousands of donors is no easy feat! Inspired by an experience with Zappos customer service, the ASPCA Donor Stewardship Team went on a mission to make their donors HAPPY! Hear how they elevated their cultivation efforts and improved retention — without additional budget dollars. This lively and interactive session will have make you the hero of your direct response team!

Valerie Vierengel
Director, Donor Stewardship, ASPCA

Nosa Adetiba
Senior Manager, Donor Stewardship, ASPCA

11:45 AM – 12:45 PM

Concurrent Sessions

“Where’s the Mail?” Mission-Critical Production Advice

Direct mail production and mailing are often viewed as purely tactical steps, rather than strategic opportunities to optimize your fundraising efforts.
In this eye-opening session, our panel of experts, including leaders from Catholic Relief Services and Alzheimer’s Association, show you how the decisions you make around production, mailing and postal logistics can have a huge impact on the success or failure of your program.
Even if your agency partner or suppliers manage your direct mail production, you need to know how printing, mailing and postal logistics can dramatically affect your mail deliverability, postage costs and program results. Our experts will provide you with plenty of wisdom, advice and tips so you and your partners can start creating the best plan for your organization.

Lauren Merrill
Manager of New Market Channels, Catholic Relief Services

Debbie Sylvester
Vice President, MailSmart Logistics

Shannon Murphy
Principal & Senior Vice President of Production, CCAH

Kim Postulart
Senior Director of Direct Marketing and Intermediate Giving, Alzheimer’s Association

Doing Different to Be Different

With the marketplace noisier than ever, it’s time to rethink traditional one time gift acquisition strategies. This can’t miss session will provide new industry-best case studies highlighting innovative ways organizations have adjusted the way they manage their pipeline and utilize alternate media channels, like DRTV, insert programs and digital campaigns, so overall donors are maximized, costs are contained and value is optimized.

Erica O’Brien
Managing Partner, MINDset direct

Tracey Burgoon
Director of Direct Marketing, Disabled American Veterans

Rap, Rock, Country and Jazz: Best Practices from Each Sector to Help Your Mid-Level Program Sing

This session takes a close look at the major differences between Mid-Level giving programs across different sectors and showcases the aspects from each that can be directly applied to your organization.
This fast-paced session begins with an in-depth look at the very latest Mid-Level Benchmarking statistics on a sector-by-sector basis and the KPI’s for each.

Beyond the quantitative data, we’ll also compare creative, messaging, engagement practices and program tactics, giving you a complete view of the approaches deemed “best-of-the-best” from social services, health/disease, international relief and other sectors.
Apply these new approaches to your Mid-Level program and get ready to hear your boss sing your praises!

Nora Millwood
VP, Account Services, THD, Inc.

Betsy Harman
Senior Manager, Donor Cultivation, Feeding America

Behind-the-Scenes Look at Digital Fundraising Success

A “Can’t Miss” session for any large nonprofit organization ready to see unprecedented success in their digital fundraising program.

The digital world is ever growing, with more than 84% of Americans active participants in the online world. More and more nonprofit organizations are finding that digital fundraising, once a small part of fundraising efforts, is essential to the overall health of their fundraising program. However, successful digital programs play by their own set of rules that set them apart from traditional direct mail campaigns.

In this session, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look into how a large, national nonprofit organization turned their entire digital fundraising program upside down and discovered a wildly successful email acquisition and fundraising program on the other side.

This session will teach you:

  • Best practices for acquiring, onboarding, engaging, and converting email leads into donors.
  • Facebook advertising and Facebook email opt-in strategies, plus how to integrate other digital channels and tactics.
  • Creative ideas to craft a compelling email Welcome Series that engages and converts leads to donors.
  • Key data points that will help you refine and optimize your efforts.

Filled with real-world examples and campaign information, you will leave this session not only with powerful new insights but also armed with action items that your organization can start utilizing right away.

Deborah Johnson
Director of Marketing, National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare

Kristopher Morris
Director, Digital Services, The Lukens Company

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

DMANF Award Luncheon & Presentation

2:15 PM – 3:15 PM

Concurrent Sessions

5 Ways to Maximize your Co-Op Relationships

“This session focuses on 5 Ways to Take Control of your Co-Op Relationships and Maximize Their Value. Empowering managers to utilize Co-Ops for what they are – a powerful marketing analytics tool – not just a media source to be managed by a broker. Using real non-profit examples, we plan on covering:

  1. How to find the best Co-Op for your program – evaluate your coops against one another, against other outside list sources to pick a partner that meets your programs needs.
  2. How to utilize the coops outside of just DM acquisition (in house appeals, lapsed, online integration, to help create ask-string strategies and sustainer asks – the possibilities are limitless).
  3. How to ensure the relationship maintains beneficial, which includes communication with the Co-Ops, sharing results and data – these Co-Ops are at the ready to meet the needs of your organizations but they must be in-the-know.
  4. Ensuring that those who sign the contracts understand their boundaries – in this age of privacy demands its important to understand what your and your donor rights are.
  5. Understanding the power of this productive relationship – from being able to mail single source in emergencies to having tailor-made multi-channel lists – this session will truly help folks walk away with a deep understanding of Co-Ops to help maximize value and efficiency within their marketing programs.

Rachel Penney
Director Investment Services, Integral, LLC

Megan Den Herder
Senior Manager, Direct Response Marketing, National Audubon Society

Katie Valvo
Account Director, Epsilon

Stephanie L. Soriano
Vice President, Integral

Data & Policy Outlook: How States and International Forces are Disrupting the Data Landscape for Nonprofit Organizations

Join us as we focus on key legislative and related data privacy policy initiatives that threaten the data nonprofit organizations count on to reach out to donors and to recruit supporters. From the state of California to the headquarters of the EU in Brussels, containing and disconnecting donors from legitimate data business practices is on the minds of those who do not understand how important it is to preserve data for good for the organizations today and in the future. Learn about the California ballot initiative and what you can do; learn about the GDPR and the new challenges faced, and much more!

Senny Boone
Executive Director & General Counsel, DMANF

Mark Micalli
Advocacy Team, DMA

Telemarketing: What’s New, What’s Fun, and What’s the Future

Join a panel of many of the prominent telefundraising organizations supporting the nonprofit industry. They will discuss the changing technology & regulations and share the opportunities and challenges TM is facing. This broad panel of telemarketing experts will provide us with their outlook for the coming years. Hear their recommendations on how to adjust strategy, implement new options, and ensure your program is on track.

Kim Postulart
Senior Director of Direct Marketing and Intermediate Giving, Alzheimer’s Association

Shannon Bagwell
Chief Operating Officer, The Heritage Company, Inc.

Nate Drushell
Senior Vice President of Marketing, InfoCision

Mark Mitchell
Vice President of Business Development, SD&A

Jay Mount
President, MDS Communications

Gigi Norcross
Vice President, Telefund, Inc.

Thomas Siegel
President & CEO, Donor Services Group, LLC

Mobile-ize: Messaging + SMS to Recruit, Engage and Fundraise

We are all looking for the best ways to cut through the noise and grab the attention of our donors (and potential donors.) What if we told you that they are literally already holding the key to our success in their hand? Spoiler alert: it’s their phone. Mobile messaging and text engagement reap big rewards for organizing, advocacy, and, yes, fundraising. But real talk…Where do you even start? What tools are out there, and which are best for you? How do you scale? Who do you message and what do you say? What are the best practices? Should you build a chatbot? The list of questions goes on and on. Trust us, we’ve been there – we know!

Well, our panel is here to demystify mobile messaging and SMS. We’ll have a dynamic lineup of nonprofit experts who have launched successful programs and watched them grow. You’ll hear at least two case studies, and benefit from a whole range of actionable tips and tricks that can help nonprofits of all sizes and sophistication launch and grow a thriving mobile and messaging program. And, of course, there will be time for lively discussion and questions and answers.

Chrissy Hyre
Vice President, Fearless Mobile Strategies

Meg DiMartino
Digital Coordinator, EMILY’s List

Michael Sabat
Founder and CEO, @mssg

3:15 PM – 3:45 PM

Power Energy Break

3:45 PM – 4:45 PM

Concurrent Sessions

60/60 – 60 Ideas in 60 Minutes –Direct Mail Fund Raising At Its Best

We all know that direct mail is still a critical element of our multi-channel fund raising programs. It’s certainly not dead! In this fast-paced session, three industry experts will showcase winning ideas tested across a variety of vertical markets – from small to large non-profits.

Audience, messaging, copy, design, package and format – the panel will touch on all these elements in this engaging hour. They will also come to the table with examples from winning programs including Planned Giving, Mid-level and Major Donors, and Sustainers.

You’ll have some fun and will leave the session armed with great ideas that you can implement right away!

Tiffany Neill
Partner/Owner, Lautman, Maska, Neill and Company

Tim Kersten
Chief Executive Officer, RKD Group

Steve Maggio
President/Chief Creative Officer, DaVinci Direct, Inc.

Solving your F2F Retention by Fixing your F2F acquisition

What is more important than donor demographics (e.g. age), door vs. street vs. retail, or your campaign copy to understanding and fixing retention? Your missing quality data; quality of the experience and quality of the donor (i.e. their Commitment to your organization). We will show you how to collect this data and how to use it to manage your fundraisers, change the donor experience and get massive improvement in retention.

Kevin Schulman
Partner, DonorVoice

Jill Miller
Associate Director, The Nature Conservancy

Michelle Ehrhardt
Deputy Director of Membership, ACLU

National Index: Donor Surge – Impact and Retention Strategy

In 2017, roughly a quarter of the organizations in the Target Analytics National Index experienced significant, atypical levels of growth in both revenue and donors, much of which is likely related to concern over the policies of the current presidential administration, and the 2017 Hurricane season. We will review the impact of these events on donor files for all sectors followed by a discussion of techniques for retaining “surge” donors.

Deb Ashmore
Sr Fundraising Analyst, Target Analytics

Carol Rhine
Prinicipal Fundraising Analyst, Target Analytics

Using Social Listening to Change Minds and Win Campaigns

Join Zach Zimmel, Director of Strategy from Grassriots, and his guest Cassandra Koenen of World Animal Protection as they blow the lid on social listening to explain how it works, why it’s valuable to your organization, and how World Animal Protection used it to change the world. We’ll examine controversial tools that index social media platforms and allow us to monitor, measure and modify the online discourse. You’ll find out how social listening can help you home in on the topics that matter most to your constituents, what exciting insights you can uncover to guide your strategy across departments, and most importantly, how you can join and drive those conversations. After building a practical foundation, we’ll solicit topic submissions from the audience and, using social listening tools, run an analysis to present at the conclusion of our session. This is your chance to see firsthand how social listening can be used to provide quick answers to meaningful research questions that can have broad applications to your work.

Cassandra Koenen
Global Head of Wildlife Campaigns, Exotic Pets, World Animal Protection

Ryan Baillargeon
Founder and CEO, grassriots

Zach Zimmel
Director of Strategy, grassriots

5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Power Networking Reception

Day Two

August 29

6:00 AM – 7:00 AM

Chicago Morning Walk

Get swept away by the sites of the Windy City! Take in a breeze off the Lake, roar past the guardians of the Art Institute, stroll through the park you could spend a Millennium exploring, and lose yourself for a second in the Second City. This hour-long walk will give you the opportunity to take in some key downtown locales and landmarks while serving as an alternative for those who want to experience Chicago and get an early morning exercise in. Please note, the planned path is just over 3 miles – so dress comfortably and feel free to bring a water…or coffee!

8:00 AM – 2:00 PM


8:00 AM – 8:45 AM

Continental Breakfast

9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Concurrent Sessions

Giving Day Session

Description coming soon!

There Is No ‘I’ in Team – Setting Up Meetings For Success

It’s never been more challenging to engage and connect the myriad of peers, vendors, consultants and employees to drive your fundraising mission forward.
In this presentation, we’ll provide a detailed look into how a clear agenda and schedule of Team Meetings can get everyone on the same page to buy in on the future direction of your org, without devolving into a simple rehash of what’s already been done. We’ll look at how two clients use these meetings to foster multi channel collaboration, communication, and opportunity discoveries across the org.

Emily Courville
Vice President, Data & Analytics, O’Brien Garrett

Victoria Smith
Development Manager, Oxfam America

Michelle Ehrhardt
Deputy Director of Membership, American Civil Liberties Union

The Five Pillars of Nonprofit Success

Why is it that some nonprofits succeed while others lag behind? Why some nonprofits spark a movement, while other fundraising programs barely move at all? In this fast-paced session we’ll examine the five elements driving many of today’s most successful nonprofits, including:
* How solidifying Trust can give you a 186% edge
* Where donor-centricity is truly transforming donor relationships
* Why you need to conduct a “”Dream Audit”” within your charity now … and much more.

In today’s hyper-competitive nonprofit marketplace it’s never been harder to stand out from the crowd. Join us as we share both research and real-world examples showing how today’s most successful nonprofits are transforming their fundraising programs.

Angel Aloma
Executive Director, Food for the Poor

Tom Gaffny
Principal, Tom Gaffny Consulting

Surpercharge Your Upgrades: Increase The Velocity Of Giving

Upgrading donors to major gifts can take 5-10 years on average. What if you could cut the time in half? One organization is trying to do just that. This session will explore the ways one organizations is shake up the status quo and embracing the donor experience to exceed their supporters’ expectations and inspire more gifts faster. From stewardship events to special acknowledgements, cultivations, and a few personal touches, donors are engaging in new ways and upgrading faster.

Craig DePole
PRESIDENT, Newport One

Barbara Camick
Director Of Annual Giving, Best Friends Animal Society

10:15 AM – 11:15 AM

Concurrent Sessions

No Kids, No Dogs: How to Create Persuasive Fundraising

Ok, so you’re not a “”sexy”” nonprofit with moving images of children or animals, but your cause is amazing. How do you get the attention that you deserve and move hearts and minds?

Join this combo show-and-tell and ideation session to help you create compelling messaging and visuals to test in emails, ads and direct mail.
You’ll be inspired by examples from Human Rights Watch, National Trust for Historic Preservation, Chesapeake Bay Foundation and other “”non-sexy”” orgs that have tested and broken through with great creative in their emails, ads and mail.

We’ll do a creative, team exercise that help you think about your creative calls to action and value propositions in a whole new way. Bring your current controls and walk out with new, exciting messages to test with your audiences.

Rosa Del Angel
VP, Digital Marketing, Beaconfire RED

Hilary Baar
VP, Annual Giving, National Trust for Historic Preservation

John Graves
CEO, Eidolon Communications

Supercharge Your Segmentation & Decrease Donor Fatigue

Have you struggled to identify new and innovative segmentation strategies? Are you looking for ways to minimize donor fatigue and ensure your best supporters receive and open emails to further drive engagement? Join us as we share case studies of strong segmentation success – and offer insights into how you can tackle deliverability issues through creative segmentation, all while achieving your organization’s bottom line goals. Whether you work at a small and scrapy org or a large behemoth – whether your main focus is on advocacy or issue-based work – you’ll walk away from this session with tangible next steps to convert more donors, drive more revenue, and wow the board at your next quarterly update.

Maureen McNally
Associate Vice President, Anne Lewis Strategies

Melanie Buck
Executive Vice President, Anne Lewis Strategies

When Newsletters Go Bad – a Journey of Redemption

Are you getting the most out of your newsletter? Or is it designed by committee? Do you include pictures of people holding large cheques? Does the word “we” appear over and over? Diabetes Canada was making these mistakes and MORE. Results were declining and we realized we were not talking to the donor but talking at the donor. Join Laura Champion and Jason Novelli as we walk you through how we took a donor newsletter with declining results and revitalized it to a revenue generating, donor centric piece that both donors and Diabetes Canada could feel proud of. We will lovingly highlight our past mistakes while showing you how to do this for yourself. Whether you are in a small or large shop – you will leave with a toolkit to make immediate and long-term changes which will improve your results and make your donors feel like the superstars they are.

Laura Champion
Fundraising Strategist, Blakely

Jason Novelli
Manager, Donor Marketing, Diabetes Canada

Hear from the Experts on How to Take your Digital Program to the Next Level -Take 2

It will be a fast paced Q & A session that dives right into what’s new in digital and what a digital agency can do for your organizations:

  • How can you get your organizations digital footprint to stand out
  • How can digital help you attract younger donors, sustainers and high value donors
  • How to measure your progress and set new goals
  • Understand different digital fundraising tools (DIY Fundraising, Display Ads, Text, Paid Social) and how that can fit into your digital arsenal.
  • Open discussion on sharing data and 3rd party audiences via Facebook and other social media platforms.

And whatever else you want to learn as this will be open forum for attendees to ask questions of the panel members, nothing is off limits!

Jennifer Honadel
Managing Account Director, Epsilon

Jeff Cosgrove
Director of Politics & Advocacy, Conversant

Julie Ziff Sint
Vice President of Account and Strategic Services, Sanky Communications

Jade Nguyen
Digital Strategist, The Lukens Company

11:30 AM – 12:45 PM

Networking Lunch & Keynote Address

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Concurrent Sessions

Ready, Set, Midlevel: Launching your Program

This session is designed to help small organizations plan for and launch a mid-level giving program, using tools and tactics gleaned from a range of nonprofits across several verticals. We’ll guide attendees through the elements of auditing their programs to define needs and assets, then provide an outline of the program roadmapping process to plan for the first year of their program. Testing and measurement will also be covered.

Kristin Serrano
Senior Director, Schultz & Williams

Maximizing the Execution of Your New Ideas

Testing? Didn’t we cover that in a 30-minute session at DM101? IT’S SO MUCH MORE! Join CCAH and AARP Foundation’s Advisor ofEnterprise Performance Analysis Data Analytics & Performance Management as they walk you through the best way to approach testing across several different channels. This session is meant for everyone as it will cover everything from how to decide if and when you need to test, how to think strategically about short term/long term evaluation, should you take a random sample or a stratified sample across your donor universe, how to perform your risk assessment, and the biggest question of all IS IT EVER OK NOT TO TEST? This will be an interactive session filled with a combination of testing theory and examples of how AARP used these theories in their program. Over the course of 50 minutes we will take you from beginner to advanced leaving everyone in the room with something to take back and implement in their testing strategy!

Tyler Hall
Senior Account Executive, Chapman Cubine and Hussey

Steve Aguaya
Advisor, Enterprise Performance Analysis Data Analytics & Performance Management, AARP

Courtney Lewis
Vice President, Chapman Cubine and Hussey

Top 10 Facebook Advertising Split Tests From 2018 AND How to Navigate the Perilous Waters of Facebook Fundraising

Are you running Facebook ads in 2018? See the results from our top 10 Facebook ads split tests from 2018 that might have you rethinking what you thought you knew about Facebook advertising for your organization.

Mark Santiago
CEO, Converge Digital

Matt Panos
Chief Development Officer, Jewish Voice Ministries International

Diana Onken
Mobilization Director, Save the Chidlren Action Network

Turning Things Around While Falling Off A Cliff! Yes, It Can Be Done!

In 2016, MADD’s direct mail program was falling off a cliff. Net revenue was projected to disappear within years. A program that was aflush in cash just decade earlier, was now on the precipice of being a net revenue loser for the organization.

With a new agency in hand, MADD set out to turn the direct mail ship around with a combination of a renewed focus on testing discipline, appropriate forecasting, re-evaluating vendor relationships, and, importantly segmentation and database evaluation that lead the program to meet budget and project flat net revenue within 18 months. Find out how focusing on the “non-flashy” work of good direct mail management has set MADD up to be able to invest in programs across our development office.
We will review items like:

  • Evaluating and negotiating vendor pricing and structure (how long have you had that contract in place?)
  • Evaluating who you’re mailing and why? Is your segmentation on auto-pilot?
  • Why database flags matter and why you should look at them regularly! (MADD uncovered nearly 300,000 mailable names via this process)
  • How to find pockets of opportunity within your old school DM program to allow for future-focused expansion and programs across all channels.

Greg Fox
VP Strategy, Merkle

Miriam Magnuson
Director, Direct Response, MADD

Dorene Ocamb
Senior Director, Marketing and Communications, MADD

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Concurrent Sessions

Growing, Cultivating & Upgrading: Your How-To Guide

Growing, cultivating and upgrading donors through a deliberate moves management strategy can seem daunting and overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be! In this informative session, we will show you specific tips and strategies other organizations have successfully employed so you can grow and expand your mid level program, including key elements needed to grow your base program!

Candice Briddell
Managing Partner, MINDset direct

Libby Czerlinsky
Director of Donor Services, Operation Smile

How Nonprofits Can Learn from Publishers to Lift DM Results

“Successful strategies and best practices used by magazine publishers can be directly applied to fundraising for nonprofits. Learn the proven direct marketing secrets that magazine publishers use to acquire and retain subscribers — and how to employ them to boost your fundraising and donor acquisition results, including:

  • How subscription marketers get people to open their envelopes — and respond
  • Applying circulation auto-renewal strategies to your monthly giving program
  • How to apply magazine expire strategies to win back lapsed donors
  • What nonprofits can learn from top magazine brands about branding
  • Adapting voucher-style form designs to lift your fundraising results
  • And much more!

Josef Kottler
Creative Director, Sage Communications

Anne Kottler
President, Sage Communications

Paul Masse
Circulation Director, Smithsonian

Attribution: Direct Response is Not So Direct – Now What?

Direct response used to be more direct. Send an appeal. See a reply. Count it as an email donation. Send out direct mail. Get an envelope back with a donation. Count it as a direct mail donation.

With the explosion of data, direct response is no longer direct. Attribution and influence impact channels, response and migration. Understanding data is now more important than ever. Engagement across channels drives increased results. But how do you know how to maximize results and budget?

This session will show you how two organizations are breaking their long-time business rules to only view attribution as last touch. Their story will challenge attendees to analyze and visualize direct response data in a whole new way.

Jarred Schremmer
VP, Media, RKD Group

Peter Kuntz
Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

Anna Averling
American Bible Society

Max Bunch
EVP Client Service & Consulting, RKD Group

A Radical Approach to Upgrading Monthly Donors

Asking your sustainers to upgrade their giving can be a major source of anxiety for even the most seasoned fundraising professionals and sometimes we let that anxiety get in the way of effective fundraising strategies. In this session, Save the Children and Integral will describe a radical approach to sustainer upgrading – the involuntary upgrade. That’s right, we wanted our sustainers to upgrade and decided it was better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission, and it worked to the tune of millions of dollars of net revenue and near 0% attrition. We’ll talk through the extensive analytics and forecasting process that helped us all overcome our anxiety, describe our testing and control strategy, get into the details of how the campaign was executed, and share our results. Come with an open mind, and we promise you’ll leave the session equipped with the tools to overcome your anxiety and try something completely different.

Adam Rosenscruggs
Vice President of Analytics, Integral

Nicole O’Connor
Director of Sponsorship Retention Marketing, Save the Children

Kelly England
Principal, Periscope Fundraising Strategies

Charlotte Davidoff
Associate Director, Sustainer Retention, Save the Children