An Open Discussion on Mid-Level Giving & Moves Management
Attribution and Strategic Planning – You Know What Is Influencing Your Donors Now What
Brother Can You Spare a Premium – Moving Donors From a Transactional to a Philanthropic Relationship
But We Are Fundraisers! Strategies for Cultivation and Retaining Donors
Creative Prospecting Strategies on a Modest Budget
Delightful Dive into the Depths of Digital Ads
Digital Primer – Everything Your Boss Thinks You Already Know About Digital Advertising That You’re Afraid to Admit You May Not Know
Dispelling Myths with Data and Donor File Analysis
Fundraising Communications Cornucopia 30 Ideas to Empower Your Fundraising
F2F Fundraising Turning Quantity into Quality
How to Take a Database Implementation Head-On and Make it Work
Keeping it Fresh! How to Continue Growing as a Mature Nonprofit
Lose Your Control
Making Mobile Work for Fundraising
Maximizing Digital Investments for Today’s Nonprofits
Maximizing Your Sustainer Revenue through Better Back End Processing
Mercy Ships & Alzheimer’s Association – Case Studies in Charting a Path for Organizational Growth
Money in the Middle – How to Make the Most of Mid-Level Donors
Nurturing Donors the ‘Write’ Way
On The Edge of Glory – Using a Multi-Channel Approach to Acquisition
Online Donation Froms – Real-Time Optimization Will Destroy Your A-B Testing
Planned Giving Best Practices to Start Using Today
RFM is (mostly) Dead! Long Live Segmentation and Customization!
Social Secrets to Success – How to Turn Engagement into Advocacy and Revenue
The Donor Behind Door Number Two Or Number Three Insights Into Donor Personas And What Drives Different Donor Behavior
The Web as a Living Laboratory – What We Learned About What Works (and What Doesn’t) From Over 350 Online Experiments
Tipping the Sacred Cows – How We Can Move Onward and Upward
Truths or Consequences
Using Social Media Boosted Posts to Boost Peer-to-Peer Acquisition
What Non-Profits Can Learn From Political Direct Response Fundraising
Who are you Tracking Complex Constituent Relationships in your Database

Workshop Presentations

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